More info since yesterday: Benny Ninja wasn't there & an outfit has been modified.

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EDIT: all songs available.

Butterfly (花蝴蝶) (Butterfly)
Pulchritude (玩美) (Dancing Diva)
Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) (Myself)
Vogue (Madonna)
Honey Trap (美人計) (Myself) + voguing

Parachute (降落傘) (Butterfly)
Love Love Love (Castle)
Love Player (玩愛之徒) (Myself)
36 tricks of love (愛情三十六計) (Castle)
Tacit Violence (冷暴力) (Agent J)

Medley Sky (天空) (J-Game)/Real hurt (小傷口) (Myself)
Agent J (特務J) (Agent J)
Signature gesture (招牌動作) (J9 Party)
Real Man (大丈夫) (Butterfly)

Overlooking purposely (睜一隻眼閉一隻眼) (J-Game)
Rewind (倒帶) (Castle)
Nothing left to say (無言以對) (Myself)
I know you're feeling blue (我知道你很難過) (JOLIN 1019)
Do you still love me? (你還愛我嗎) (Show your love)
What kind of love (什麼樣的愛) (Don't stop)

A Wonder in Madrid (馬德裏不思議) (Dancing Diva)
Take immediate action (即時生效) (Myself)
Sun Will Never Set (日不落) (Agent J)
Mr Q (Dancing Diva)
Dancing Diva (舞孃) (Dancing Diva)
Medley Butterflies in my stomach (七上八下) (Myself)/Music (Madonna)/Can't get you out of my head (Kylie Minogue) part only
Medley Butterflies in my stomach (七上八下) (Myself)/Just dance (Lady Gaga) part only
Dancing Forever (唯舞獨尊) (Dancing Forever)

J-Game (野蠻遊戲) (J-Game)
Magic (看我72變) (Magic)
Bravo Lover (愛無赦) (Agent J)

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