According to the first reports, Jolin didn't sing Party Star this week.

She sang Nothing left to say alone this time & Double J sang a medley of Marry me today, Xing Qing (a Jay Chou song) & Say I love you!

Butterfly (花蝴蝶) (Butterfly)
Pulchritude (玩美) (Dancing Diva)
Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) (Myself)
Vogue (Madonna)
Honey Trap (美人計) (Myself)
Parachute (降落傘) (Butterfly)
Love Love Love (Castle)
Love Player (玩愛之徒) (Myself)
36 tricks of love (愛情三十六計) (Castle)
Tacit Violence (冷暴力) (Agent J)
Medley Sky (天空) (J-Game)/Real hurt (小傷口) (Myself)
Agent J (特務J) (Agent J)
Signature gesture (招牌動作) (J9 Party)
Real Man (大丈夫) (Butterfly)
Overlooking purposely (睜一隻眼閉一隻眼) (J-Game)
Rewind (倒帶) (Castle)
Nothing left to say (無言以對) (Myself)
I know you're feeling blue (我知道你很難過) (JOLIN 1019)
Do you still love me? (你還愛我嗎) (Show your love)
What kind of love (什麼樣的愛) (Don't stop)
A Wonder in Madrid (馬德裏不思議) (Dancing Diva)
Take immediate action (即時生效) (Myself)
Sun Will Never Set (日不落) (Agent J)
Mr Q (Dancing Diva)
Dancing Diva (舞孃) (Dancing Diva)
Medley Butterflies in my stomach (七上八下) (Myself)/Music (Madonna)/Can't get you out of my head (Kylie Minogue)/Just dance (Lady Gaga)
Dancing Forever (唯舞獨尊) (Dancing Forever)

Double J medley:

Marry me today (今天妳要嫁给我) (Dancing Forever)
Xing Qing (星晴) (a Jay Chou song)
Say I love you (說愛你) (Magic)

J-Game (野蠻遊戲) (J-Game)
Magic (看我72變) (Magic)
Bravo Lover (愛無赦) (Agent J)

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