Just a little recap and a little change for the Chengdu concert, announced for July instead of June. Tickets for the HK concert are also available for preorder on aegticketing.com (click on the link below).


Tour dates we know at the moment
12/24 Taipei Arena
12/25 Taipei Arena
12/26 Taipei Arena

05/07 Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang)
05/21 Shanghai (Hongkou Football Stadium)
05/28 Beijing (Beijing Worker's Stadium)
06/11 Malaysia (Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur)
06/17 Zhengzhou (Nautical Sports Centre)
06/24 Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong Coliseum)
07/02 Guangzhou (Guangzhou Gymnasium)
07/?? Chengdu (Chengdu Sports Centre)
07/?? Wuhan
07/?? Nanjing

EDIT: Beijing CF