I noticed that most of the fancams have been deleted on YouTube, fortunately I downloaded most of them when they leaked, so I made them available for download on the forum (you have to join first if you're not a member) ^^ Click on the ban on the right to go there!

Caps from the performances

36 tricks of love

Medley Butterflies in my stomach/Music/Can't get you out of my head/Just dance

I know you're feeling blue

Bravo lover & water show

Butterfly & Pulchritude

Dancing Forever

Encore: J-Game, Magic & Bravo lover

Nothing left to say


Medley Sky/Real hurt

Sun Will Never Set

Take immediate action

vogue-Honey Trap-double voguing Benny Ninja

Check HERE too to see the Tour tracklist if you don't remember it.

Note: now there won't be any download links on this blog anymore except for the subbed videos. Any download will be uploaded on the forum starting from now.