Not much news about Jolin lately...


-Warner will give her a month of vacation for the Chinese New Year (February 3rd). She won't go abroad.

-In an interview with C!ty magazine (pics HERE), Jolin revealed a few things about the three Myself World Tour concerts she held in December at Taipei Arena: a limit of 7 ballads has been set for the tracklist, so she decided to choose the fans' favorites. However she regrets that she was not able to sing The smell of lemon grass, Compromise or Pretence. Another segment was scheduled in the concert, but Jolin ended by not singing it. It was composed of Pirates, Prague Square and The Greek Girl by the wishing pond.

-I haven't found any "official" link for this, so I'll leave it as a rumor for now, Jolin is supposed to hold a concert in Beijing on May 28th for her World Tour. At the moment we have 4 dates for the Tour: Singapore 05/07, Shanghai 05/14 (rumor), Chengdu 05/20 (rumor) & now Beijing 05/28 (rumor).