Media gave some infos about the first Myself World Tour concerts at Taipei Arena (on December 24th & 25th), and I asked to pommy48@AHS to translate them ^^ Thanks a lot to her!

Jolin will hold her 10,000 people party and she said that "everyone will be the main characters of the concert, so I hope that everyone have a great time in the crowd." She especially asked Rihanna's and Britney Spears' choreographer to choreograph the dances. The entire concert will be 90% dance tracks, so it will take up a lot of her stamina. Jolin will cut off all contact in the middle of November, so she can focus on her dancing. She said "Everyone has high expectations towards me, but I have even higher ones towards myself."

Other than the high-technique dances, the sexy outfits will also the main part of the concert. Jolin laughingly said even though she dresses very normal personally, but once she's on stage, she can just let go of herself and she's not scared of how sexy she dresses! She's very looking forward to the outfit designs.