It's official, we even have the official English names!

01. 美人計 Honey trap   
   02. Missed call (interlude)   
   03. 玩愛之徒 Love player   
   04. Secret talk (interlude)   
   05. 派大星 Party star   
   06. Let’s start the dance (interlude)   
   07. 黑髮尤物 Black-haired beautiful girl   
   08. 無言以對 Nothing left to say   
   09. L`amour est parti (interlude name)*   
   10. 小傷口 Real hurt   
   11. 娘子漢 Macho babe   
   12. 七上八下 Butterflies in my stomach   
   13. 解散愛 Let’s break up   
   14. I Love you too (interlude name)   
   15. 即時生效 Take immediate action

Source: 5music

*: "L'amour est parti" means "Love is gone".

I tried to make pinyin for the song's titles.

01. Mei Ren Ji
03. Wan Ai Zhi Tu
05. Pai Da Xing
07. Hei Fa You Wu
08. Wu Yan Yi Dui
10. Xiao Shang Kou
11. Niang Zi Han
12. Qi Shang Ba Xia
13. Jie San Ai
15. Ji Shi Sheng Xiao