We have now the prices for the 3 preorder versions!

The headphone design changed now it's written "vogueing" on it.


1st version with headphone
788 TWD = 24$53 = 19€12

2nd version with the bag
538 TWD = 16$75 = 13€

3rd version with photobook
448 TWD = 13$95 = 10€87

Album Introduction on online shopping sites:

NEVER Look Back!

突破自我 愈來愈強

Fresh Sexy Hot Modern

耳目一新 蔡依林
流行音樂新高峰 自信狂熱新態度
超乎想像Fantasy 沸騰Everybody

Google Translation:
Strong debut a new generation of JOLIN
NEVER Look Back!

A break from more and more strong
New Wave of Chinese pop music trend lift

Fresh Sexy Hot Modern
However, mixing music and dance entertainment fashion heaven

Refreshing Jolin Tsai
New peak of pop music fanatic confident new attitude
Fantasy beyond imagination boiling Everybody

If by any chance you can preorder on G-Music or 5music, links here:

G-Music 1st version "who I am"

G-Music 2nd version "what I want"

G-Music 3rd version: "where I belong"

5music 1st version "who I am"

5music 2nd version "what I want"

5music 3rd version "where I belong"


YesAsia links are up! Unfortunately their prices are more expensive than the taiwanese ones -_-

YesAsia 1st version "who I am"

YesAsia 2nd version "what I want

YesAsia 3rd version "where I belong"